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So you've received a letter or email from us about a payment. Don't worry, it can happen to anyone. Scroll down to find out what we can do to help you. 

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You'll find a code in the letter or email we sent you. This opens up your digital dashboard. All your data is already filled out there. This allows you to pick a fitting solution right away, or to contact us more easily. Shall we start?

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Frequently asked questions

1. The invoice is unknown to me / I have not received any reminders.
You may have received a message that is not for you. Or it may happen that the company you have to pay to - or Faircasso - has made a mistake. If you are in doubt about the invoice, log in to your personal page or call Faircasso. We'll find out whether it is correct.

2. Can I pay in installments?
It is always possible to pay in installments. You can arrange this yourself via your personal page. Or call Faircasso and we'll do it together.

3. I cannot pay, not even in parts. My income is too low / I have no income at all. 
We understand that you cannot pay immediately in that situation. No worries, we are happy to help you. You can send us a message via your personal page or call. 

4. Can I get a payment link?
Usually there is a payment link in the mail to pay with iDeal. If you didn't receive an email or if you lost it, you can pay with iDeal via your personal page. 

5. Can it be collected automatically?
Automatic collection is unfortunately not possible.

6. Can you send me a reminder if I have to pay the next installment?
Yes, we'll send you an email or text message 3 days in advance. So you don't forget to make the payment.

7. I have more unpaid invoices from another company or collection agency. Can Faircasso help me with that?
Yes, of course! We will also help you with invoices from other companies. Please send a message via your personal page or call us.

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